Bob Ferry is widely known in the New York area for his advanced technique, melodic phrasing and creative modern approach to the guitar. He is in demand for his extensive repertoire and ability to play any style fluently. He is a veteran musician at the top of his game. He is the author of Bob Ferry’s "Superimposition of Fingerings for Guitar". A new, innovative system for learning and organizing guitar fingerings. A student of the famous guitar educator William G. Levitt at Berklee College of Music. Bob is schooled in strong guitar fundamentals.

Years of study and experience have led to the development of "Bob Ferry’s Superimposition of Fingerings for Guitar" . A new development in guitar education. It is a proven, results achieving method for organizing the fret board. Music Theory is shown through the understanding of fingerings, in a language that can be grasped by any player. "Bob Ferry’s Superimposition of Fingerings for Guitar" puts all that you already know and everything that you will ever learn in an all inclusive concept based on fingerings. Bob can be heard on "Believe In Me". His modern collaboration with producer Bob Miller. In addition to his freelance work as a performer, studio session player and teacher Bob currently performs with "Bob Ferry and The Ferrymen".

For more about Bob visit www.bobferrymusic.com